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9 foods that may help your diet and get your ideal weight faster 
For some people, losing weight can be difficult and almost impossible to do. There is a strong desire, weight loss should be done by proper diet and healthy. Do not just rely on a diet by limiting food intake, but also the consumption of foods that can help you lose weight.

In addition to eating foods that are low in calories, rich in carbohydrates and nutrients, some of these foods can help you lose weight and boost immunity, as reported by Boldsky :

1.       Tomatoes
Tomatoes and cherry tomatoes or tomatoes with small size known has low calories. So, tomatoes or cherry tomatoes are very suitable to be consumed while you are on a diet and will help you lose weight.
2.    Egg whites
you like eggs but you are on diet? Do not worry, you can still enjoy the eggs twice a day. However, only  consumption the egg whites  and not part of the yolk. Because the egg’s yolks contain a lot of calories and rich in cholesterol.
3.    Cucumber
Cucumber is one of the important foods that can help you lose weight quickly. This vegetable has only 45 calories and contains most of the water and sodium that are good for boosting the immune system.

4.    Spicy Sauce
If you want to have a slim body quickly, you should choose a spicy sauce instead of tomato sauce. It would be better if you eat chili sauce that is made from fresh chili sauce spicy and not the packaging.
5.    Shrimp
Shrimp is one of the foods that contain very low meat and calories. One shrimps only have eight calories. Therefore, eating shrimp will help you lose weight because it contains low calories.

6.    Cherries
Cherries are one type of fruit that is best eaten when dieting. Cherries are rich in nutrients and can boost immunity but contains low calories, which is about 50 calories. you can be faster thinner and healthy
7.    Broccoli
Broccoli is known as a vegetable that is bitter but highly nutritious. Antioxidants in it was known to keep your body healthy and prevent cancer. But not only that, broccoli has benefit such as loose your weight.
8.    Cabbage
Cabbage is one of the vegetables that are rich in antioxidants such as vitamin C which is good for improving the strength of the immune system. In addition, cabbage is also good to lose weight quickly. But you shouldn’t consume too much cabbage because it can increase gas production in the stomach.
9.    Raspberry
Raspberry fruit contains very low calories, which is about 31 percent of the sugar. Therefore, raspberries also known as one of the fruits that are very suitable for consumption when dieting because it can lose weight quickly.
Those are some foods that can be consumed to help you lose weight. And may helps you to get your ideal weight in healthy way. Body with ideal weight and healthy can support your look.

Thats all from us and we hope it may usefull for you and may help you to get your ideal weight. See you on the other post ^^